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Production Notes

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Cinematic. Cinematic. Cinematic.

Cinematography is a huge focus for us. We have created a unique style in a live action environment that requires agility, stamina and constant innovation.

Working in 5K, we capture the stunning visuals of nature using different cameras and techniques.

We float over shoulders and pull close on the intimacy of faces and expressions to capture raw emotion. Food visuals are carefully executed and elevate the food experience, often in unique places outside the kitchen.

Emersive Sound

Sound Design has been key in creating peak moments and a visceral experience.

Having worked on our most recent episodes, Vaudville has elevated our sound design.

Something here about sound design being ...the specs for Netflix.

We Heighten and Direct Emotion with Music

We commission original composition or licensed tracks from independent artist from the regions we are shooting in.

This brings true regional energy to the story and gives the show a contemporary playlist.

Instead of Telling, We Show

We use animation in fun, artful ways to explain complex biology or anatomy key to the story. This tool gives us ways of depicting the un-seen in imaginative ways and unlocking information for visual learners.

Our Animation partners, Giant Ant Media are award winning and have worked with us since the project’s inception.

Chad is the Conduit for Experience

In our Social Media culture, we observe life through others and are inspired by the success or beauty we see in how other people live their lives - we watch each other in order to be inspired. Navigating the journey through Chad makes the story more accessible and relatable than a traditional, un-hosted documentary style production.

We Write Our Show

We script the a point. We journal throughout the process of the shoot and the final story edit and script contains our observations and revelations. As a writing team, we achieve an accessible, authentic voice that balances the masculine and the feminine.

The voice of Salt, Fresh & Field is poetic, lyrical and soulful. It is 100% Chad. This un-contrived style connects us to the audience in a heartfelt way and Chad’s voice becomes a conduit for their reflections.

There Are No Bad Guys

Our interview style and dialogue with characters builds an intimate portrait that allows their story to be told in a calm neutrality. We let the audience draw their own conclusions.

There is sometimes hunting but never violence. When treated thoughtfully and respectfully, a hunt can connect us to a natural state. Through intimacy with the cast and building a relationship with the animal pursued, our hunting scenes are climactic but never crass.

Like Your Favorite Cookbook - In Motion

Styling the aspirational, thematic events that round out the end of each episode allows us to set the stage for a model of how we can come together around a meal to share our stories and learn from each other.

Attention to detail and visual romanticism is key in these scenes to make each gathering look like it’s from the pages of a magazine and highly instagrammable.