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People & Places - Victoria BC


Heading to Victoria in search of Sea Urchin was a different sort of adventure - we weren't exactly in the "wild" and it was really quite surprising how close to the city centre we were when we dove for Sea Urchin. What's really great about Victoria is that there is such an abundance of local food and seafood, as well as a great local wine scene, that everyone we met had a really thoughtful approach to what they were cooking and eating.  Please go to Victoria and when you go there - eat, eat, eat!


If you are heading to Victoria, you should, without a doubt, visit Chef Kozo at Sen Zushi.  Not only will you have a perfect Japanese meal, but you will be in the company of the sweetest, most careful and dedicated staff. Plus, you will witness the amazing skills of Chef Kozo and Lynn.

Sen Zushi translates as ‘fresh sushi’ and Chef Kozo Kawada has a devout following in Victoria and around the world. In addition to neighbourhood regulars, in 2009, Sen Zushi hosted former Japanese Prime Minister Yasua Fukuda and the Japanese Emperor’s entourage during their visit to Victoria.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little while before venturing into Sen Zushi. On April 17th a fire caused considerable damage to the restaurant and neighbouring stores. We wish the staff and owners of Sen Zushi all the best and encourage everyone to sign up for the re-opening announcement updates.


Focused on providing known origin seafood from his own fleet of boats and trusted other operators, Bob has turned his passion for fish and the local oceans into a trusted, well-loved, Victoria landmark.

With a street cart out front and some of the best fish tacos we've had, and the beautifully displayed raw products at the storefront, you will not be disappointed in a visit to Finest at Sea. (There is a Vancouver location as well!) And if Bob is around, don’t be shy to ask him what the local salmon are hitting – he is a fish guru after-all.


Jenn is a member of Anne Solomon’s Coastal Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab at Simon Fraser University.  

She and her colleagues are hard at work studying the micro and macro elements that make up the intricate saltwater ecosystem. They have done groundbreaking research on the effects of predator depletion and the inevitable trophic cascades of a system out of balance. It’s good to have the smart people thinking about this stuff.


Dayten is passionate about the ocean. We’re not sure he thinks about anything else.

Now that you know what awaits you off the beaches of Victoria, drop into Frank Whites Dive Shop and start your own underwater adventure. If Dayten is there, ask him about how to prepare uni. He may lie and tell you he likes it.