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Look + Feel



We will transport you to wild, beautiful places.

And when you are there, you will feel that you are there.

Down in the mud, moving through grass, gliding over the

water, peering through a blind, or crouched at an open fire.


Salt, Fresh & Field is a feast for the eyes. We take our viewers to some of the most wild & beautiful places in the world where we meet amazing people who are masters of their crafts and passionate about their ways of life. We then bring the focus into the kitchen, be that a fire pit, a seaside or an abandoned barn, honing in on the details of the craft of preparing food and sharing it with others.

To celebrate people and places, our shooting style captures the vast, natural landscapes with ultra-wide shots and slightly longer takes that allow viewers to soak in the beauty. In combination with these shots and to bring our viewers as close to the experience as possible, we also employ a filming style that gets in close, using a lens series that allows for shallow depth of field and macro shots to capture the textures and details; the delicate hairs of a lamb’s coat or butter melting in a cast iron pan, giving the show a cinematic look.

To achieve intimacy that our storytelling calls for, our camera operators float over the shoulders of our host and guides, moving gently through wild environments (gliding over the water or trekking through thick brush) and over uneven terrain using glide and steady cams. This brings our viewers on the journey, getting them close to the action and the characters, avoiding a choppy, run and gun aesthetic.

Our colour space compliments the soft, earthy, natural tones of the environments and the food, avoiding an over-saturated and un-realistic look. Wherever possible, we use natural light, reflectors, bounce boards and flexfill, but when additional lighting is necessary, we use subtle daylight balanced, soft light.

Every shot in Salt, Fresh & Field is cinematic, edible, authentic, un-contrived, intimate and compliments the whimsy, romance and celebration of the food, the locations and the people.


And we will float over their shoulders

As they chaperone us through unfamiliar worlds,

As they teach us lost arts, tell us their stories,

And most importantly, share their philosophies on food.


Salt, Fresh and Field uses a combination of diegetic and non--diegetic sound to set the mood and bring the viewer into the moment.

As our primary narrator, Chad will guide us through the experience with a combination of set-ups (where are we, who are we with) one-on-one check-ins (what’s happening now) and retrospectives (what has Chad realized, learned through the experience etc.). In these scenarios, Chad will address the director, crew or himself (looking off camera) with the occasional comment to our viewers usually for the purposes of humour or a cheeky Chad-like comment or anecdote.

Voiceover Narration plays an important role in the storytelling as Chad’s voice (recorded in-studio or on location) sets up the journey at the beginning of each episode and summarizes the experience, its lessons and discoveries. The voices of our guides and guests (who are lav’d throughout the filming) are brought into the story through dialogue with Chad, as his warm, open-minded curiosity sparks interesting conversations.

Through Chad’s engagement and commentary, the viewer is guided through the stories, lessons and philosophies that the show presents, but never preaches. We avoid too many static, sit-down interviews and opt for dialogue captured in the moment, as Chad and our guides look out on a field, float in a canoe or crouch around a cook-fire or range.

Use of rich location sound brings the viewer even closer to the experience; the sound of a wet forest, the fluttering of Whiskey Jacks or the sizzle of a freshly-caught trout in a skillet. As we near the end of the story, we come together around a fire or table and capture the dialogue of the stories of the day, laughter, reflection and toast the achievements (or humorous failures!) of the hunt or gather.

At the close of each episode, Chad’s VO offers the viewer his reflections and summation of what he’s experienced, learned and perhaps, new contemplations about our food and where it comes from.

Music is integral to creating the mood of Salt, Fresh & Field and we carefully choose and collaborate with local artists and musicians from our communities and possibly the communities we visit.


Salt, Fresh & Field’s approach to animation and graphic elements truly sets us apart from other episodic, lifestyle content. The subtle use of animation and elegant titles throughout the show is a consistent visual language and allows us to highlight key information in the story such as locations, chapters, identifying characters and any instructional information (facts, how tos etc).

Our treatment of lower thirds, titles, transitional elements and the broadcast package compliments the subject matter (salt, fresh or field) of each episode while staying true to the brand (storytelling, back to basics, nostalgia). Minimal, light and elegant use of type is sewn into the shots that are captured intentionally and composed for animation.

Our Broadcast Package (title sequence and credits sequences) also employs this consistent style and sets up the viewer for the experience, by introducing Chad and through clever use of animation and text, allows us to explain the show’s name (ie. Salt (Ocean), Fresh (Farm/Ranch/Freshwater), Field (Meadow, Forest and Mountain).

In the end,

we will come together

to CELEBRATE, FEAST, SHARE stories of the day and

TOAST the abundance at our fingertips.

Food unites all of us.

And Salt, Fresh & Field is a story about food.