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Mary Kellough

The first four OUTPOST segments launch today!! 

4 down. 12 to go!

It's always a bit exciting to send these little stories out into the world and I always wonder what they will ignite in other people when they watch them and if they will feel the same feelings I felt when we were out there having these adventures.  (I hope you do.)

I also have to say, making these first four segments of Salt, Fresh & Field OUTPOST was a delight from start to finish.  Some of the best shoot days ever in my lifetime were on our 4-day, 4-location excursion to Vancouver Island where we bounced from salt water to fresh water to field on a daily, meeting some pretty amazing folks who made our adventures even better.

Some highlights for me:

Chad and I weren't sick.

Greg would break into a choral rendition of the SFF theme song whenever we were filming some particularly awesome slo-motion. "ooooo-ooooo-oooo-ooooo"

Brian, our 2nd shooter, having to talk to us using an iphone app because he had lost his voice. 

The meal Peter Zambri made and fed to us after we wrapped day 1.  The courses just. kept. coming.

My first shopping trip to Cabelas. So much gear. I love gear.

Watching Chad get into the craze of the mushroom hunt. (He really got into it.)

The way I felt when I was wearing camo.

And finally, the day the sun came out and the ducks just kept flying overhead despite the fact that we were already plucking and cooking their friends and family in the field.  According to every hunting law known, this should actually never, EVER happen.  I'd love to re-cut that episode to show you what really took place that day. You need to see it to believe it.

Other things you should know from behind the scenes include the fact that each person we visited gave us a food item that we then ended up using on the next food shoot.  If you watch closely you will see these food items cameo.  Andrew from Vancouver Island Salt Co. gave us a smoked salt that we used both to flavor the Mallard for the Bahn Mi sandwich, but we also used it in the Steelhead riverside cook out.  Bill Jones from Deerholme Farms gave us an amazing wild plum preserve which absolutely made the Mallard Bahn Mi recipe and Bill Pearson, who we hunted with in the Mallard segment gave us honey from his hives which we used to baste the Steelhead on the Stamp River.  Bill from the Pine Mushroom episode also sent us home with bags of pine mushrooms, about 5 dozen fresh farm eggs and loads of his home made mushroom based spices. 

I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people that made each of these little Outpost episodes special.  We have been so lucky with our cast and crew, locations, weather and (knock on wood) we seem to always find the food stories we are looking for.

THANK YOU CAST.  Andrew and Bryan from Vancouver Island Salt Co., Peter and Jo Zambri, Bill Jones and Oliver, Bill Pearson and Tracey Griffin, Pari and Jack, Shaun Evans and the gang at Murphy Sportfishing.  THANK YOU MUSICIANS. Buckman Coe, The Tourist Company, Dougal Bain McLean, Jasper Sloan Yip, Zaac Pick, Fallbrigade. Rob and Kali at SECRET STUDY. THANK YOU CREW. Greg Bartels, (Life of) Brian Cheung, Andrew Millard, Darren Rayner, Leah and the Giant Ants.  THANKS CHAD :)  AND THANK YOU TELUS OPTIK LOCAL. Prem Gill, Kim Guise, Linda Hay, Malcolm Oliver.