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About Salt, Fresh & Field Media


Founded by Chad Brealey and Mary Kellough in 2010, Salt, Fresh & Field Media has set out to explore and celebrate the adventure and camaraderie that can be found in the process of finding and preparing your own food.

Creating cross-media content and a lifestyle brand founded on authenticity, beauty and culture, our goal is to meet our audience as it grows with inspiring content that tells the true story of where food comes from, and to deliver this content in varied and exciting ways.

The beautiful places we go and the inspiring people we meet along the way are the driving force behind what we do. Food unites all of us.




Producer, Writer, Host

Chad Brealey is equally comfortable in a busy family kitchen as he is wandering a remote, fast-flowing river with a fly rod in hand. He found the outdoors by growing up in British Columbia and turned his attention to food when he discovered fly fishing and hunting. With a scholastic and business background in publishing and marketing, Salt, Fresh & Field is the culmination of his desire to combine his love of wilderness and the discovery of new ways and reasons to celebrate with friends and family.




Producer, Writer, Director

Salt, Fresh & Field has given Mary the opportunity to be hands on in all aspects of production, merging her dense background in the Marketing, Advertising and publishing worlds with her favorite things - amazing people, beautiful places and food. When not exploring wild food sources or searching out the next best restaurant, Mary can be found tending to her apple and pear orchard in beautiful Naramata BC.